Chez Dork  - 7 Days Rental

Chez Dork - 7 Days Rental

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Inspired by the success of Chez Geek, Steve Jackson presents another John Kovalic inspiration. This game is about buying the latest geeky gadgets and gamer items. Each player takes on the personality of one of the stars of Kovalic's comic "Dork Tower" in an attempt to purchase and possess the items that satisfy their obsessions. Of course, tastes are prone to change (one week it's LARPs, the next it's Computer Games), so players are constantly trying to purchase/trade/auction items so as to reach a certain number of points (items in your obsession count double towards victory). A light-hearted game with loads of gamer/otaku/LARP humor makes this a nice filler game that anyone can play.

NOTE: Some form of currency/money is needed to play this game.