Weekly Rentals for Maiden Newton, Dorset

Rental period is for 7 days. A logon account is Required.

We will arrange with you to Deliver/Collect from your door for free. Preferably on a Sunday.

Rental agreement:

  • Upon delivery of first rental a proof of address is current in two forms of Identification. Eg: Drivers Licence and a utility bill.
  • Games are to be used for residential purposes only at the renters address.
  • No drinks on the table rule. Drinks off to the side will save board games.
  • No late fees if arranged pickup is made before the rental or during the 7 day rental period.
  • Age must be at least 16 years.
  • We accept no liability from Injury or damage to yourselves or your property through use of the game.
  • You agree to return the game in the exact condition in which you received it. If you attempt to return a game that is missing components or is damaged in any way, we reserve the right to bill you for the full retail price of the game.
  • Rentals are only valid within a 1 mile radius from the center of Maiden Newton, Dorset, England.
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